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Derived from "say no more". Used when something is fully understood, accepted, and/or agreed to.
Victor: Hey man, I need at least 20 points and 10 rebounds from you in the big game tonight.

Nick: Say less fam, I got you.

Brittany: Girl I just heard Vanessa over there telling people that you were musty in gym class earlier.

Susie: Say less, let me go see what her problem is.
by jiggaJ_721 May 05, 2017
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1. When you understand someone fully and clearly and you don't need any of their further explanation.
Tyler: Hey, dude. Did you know that I saw Carrie leaving my house party with Drew?

Ronald: Oh, really? Say less; I'm going to have a real, long talk with her.
by Satireee April 23, 2011
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It means that enough has been said and the person has gotten to their point.
"Let's go out to eat!"
"Can't, I'm broke."
"It's on me."
by Hoelaina May 22, 2017
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Say Less means "l understand you don't have to say anything else to help me understand"
Burhan: yo Drake just released his new album
Jason: Say Less fam
by dw dw dw dw dw dw dw October 02, 2018
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It means that someone says something good that you are excited about.
Jack: Yo dude I bought you some ice cream.
Sam: Say less!


Parent: We're going to Disneyland for Christmas!
You: Say less!
by laneybeau November 27, 2019
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