A slang term meaning "Very Rare Only." Used in the place of bro. Originated from Broward County. Popular from xxxtentacion's song "Look at me"
by Young Viral January 06, 2017
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I way of saying "bro".
Used by XXXTentacion and Ski Mask The Slump God
Similar to how gangs will change a letter in a word, the B is changed to V for "Very Rare".
"She kicked me out i'm like vro"
by XXXTemper Tantrum November 28, 2017
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On the ladder of Vrotherhood, vro falls just underneath a vrother (the sequence being from vrother/vrethren to bro). It is used as a nickname, in the same way that you would use "bro". A vro is a bro that ultimately fucks with the Vision. The Vision which is only seen by those who understand what it encompasses.
Vro #1: what have you been up to today?
Vro #2: I'm just waiting for my Golf Wang to come in the mail. It's taking forever, vro.
by Sugar Doggy September 17, 2017
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when jake chams makes a typo and types "vro" instead of "bro"

a non gender specific form of "bro"
used by brendon urie, jake chams and everyone else in the vro crew
"fortnite with my vros"
by vrocrew March 22, 2019
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Another word for "bro". Can be yelled or said quietly.

Recommended you yell it.
Vro I 'am deadass hungry!!!
by Lil Urban November 02, 2017
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noun (Informal)
A word to refer to someone as that you appreciate and/or are very close to.
Synonyms: Bro, Bud, etc.
- Damn vro, she’s got a fAt aSs!
- I luv you, vro.
- Vro, you crazy lmao.
by WokeVro November 28, 2018
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The definition of Vro is (very rarely only). Keep your Vro close cause they are one of a kind. They are someone that you can tell anything to and they will always have your back. They are basically like your best friend but you guys extend beyond the best friend point, so always no matter what trust your vro. Be careful though because when you get a vro you will be tempeted to fall in love with them.
by K217 March 19, 2019
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