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Saw (verb) - also: to saw, sawed, sawing, sawing-it-off

A nascient term, "sawing-it-off", and its corollary versions, originated in the early-2000s in Canada. Primarily used by teenagers and 20-somethings as a verb, the word "saw" is used in reference to partying or engaging in behaviour related to partying, drinking, and other recreational activites with friends. Oftentimes, the term is used as a synonym for more common partying phrases such as: rage, jam, bender, party, etc. While principally employed as a verb, "to saw" and its various incarnations can be used as adverbs or, in rare cases, nouns. Some of the alternatives to the intransitive "to saw" include, but are not limited to, the following: saw, sawing, sawed, sawing-it-off, sawed-out, sawmill, sawdust, etc. For example, "sawdust" may be used to describe the intended (or unintended) consequences of a night of "sawing" (i.e. the mess, clutter, and general aftermath left in the wake of a devastatingly amazing party). While the term itself has many applications, its growing usage and popularity amongst Canadian youth will undoubteduly continue to manifest new variations and plays on the original "to saw."
Sawing-it-off: "I can't believe we grabbed 8 kegs. We are really going to saw-it-off tonight."

To saw (saw/sawing): "It's been a long week bro. You ready to saw tonight?"

Sawmill: "Did you SEE that house jam last night? What a sawmill."

Sawdust: "That pig roast was unreal, but have you seen your place? Sawdust...everywhere. It's going to take forever to clean up!"
by WWBND August 27, 2009
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