An overused term used by every fucking story, usually the action types. Seriously, there's not a single thing that can destroy our world, not anytime soon, and anyone who makes these stories have to go with the exaggerated action plot to "save the world" and always go with "the one" cliche. Just stop, think of some other action plot.
Strory 1: let's save the world!

Me: no.

Story 2: the aliens are invading, let's save the world!

Me: same shit again?

Story 3: men, tonight we die, as we go to war and save the world!

Me: oh my god, will they just stop with the saving the world bullshit?
by ~HumanonlySee4gbRam September 29, 2017
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A game mode in fortnite which two people try see who’s the best scammer by finding cleaver ways to scam or take each other’s weapons
Let’s play save the world
by globalshxwn April 7, 2018
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A REALLY annoying term and storyline used way too much in movies and television shows. The comment itself sounds absolutely stupid, and is commenly used for one person (i.e. Buffy the vampire slayer) which makes it hard to believe that one person could do the job on their own. Even when they get help from others, considering that there are 6 billion people on the planet and considering the size of "the world," it makes it too radical of an idea to actually be interesting. Even when the storyline IS good, it's still a stupid term to use.
Ice cream man: You want me to walk off of my job?! What am I supposed to do for you and your company?
CIA dude: Save the world.
by raspberry (lust) muffin May 29, 2005
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A harmless way for girls to describe monthly cycles without making guy friends feel awkward.
'Why are you so squinky Jennifer?'
'Sorry, I'm saving the world at the moment.'
by Stephen W. Thomas June 30, 2005
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The phrase/slang term for (smoking) (weed) and getting (high).
"yo you wanna go save the world?"-person A
"word, hit up ______ for that wisko crip nug"-person B
"right on, ill hit his cell phone up in a couple"-person A
by Evansky April 21, 2009
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yet another term for the process of sexual intercourse. This word dirives from tom leak and amy dixon who needed a code word for this as parents kept reading msn messages and listening to phone calls. It was came to be used by this term as they discovered the world is a much better when tom was happy and amy was satisfied
tom: jesus amy when can we save the world again?
amy: tom we cant do it with my rents in the house!
tom: oh why not we did it when your grandad was here!
by ams April 21, 2005
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