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A saud has many friends as saud's tend to be loyal, humble and respectful and usually fun to be around. A very intelligent character, usually able to detect lies and deception, but will play along very sneaky character very confident and emotional at times also doesnt take any bs from anybody. Hated on by some people usually jelous of a saud's intelligence or skills.
Hey, do you know saud ?

Yes he is very smart !
by punkmike4508 March 14, 2017
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A person who has many friends but at the same time hated by many. Usually because he or she makes fun of all the rejects that go to school with social and/or phycological issues. A Saud is known to be extremely cockey and confident as well as ridiculously intelligent and talented. People who dislike Sauds include people who are considered emo(tional), people who resemble farm animals, people that are athletically challenged, alcholics, people from other towns, fans of my chemical romance, jappy people, people with low self esteem, people who are jealous of Saud's incredible intelligence, and anyone who lacks friends in general.
: wait why does that girl hate that Saud so much?
: well she is pretty emotional and has no friends whatsoever.
: ahh now it makes sense.
by Jeff Nafash May 05, 2005
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Happyness and extreme intelligence.


Life of the party!
Did you see the film they played last night?

No, I am too saud for that!
by Sheesh1 April 18, 2010
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Tends to enjoy having his butthole tickled, a Saud is a very impressive species of animal, as it can trick its predators (usually alpha males) into thinking he is a male, when in reality, she has an enormous vagina. Sauds also have a tendency to masturbate to mirrors, as this is the only sexual stimulation they receive in their entire lifetime. One of the trademark traits of a Saud is its long belly button, which in conjunction with large pepperoni nipples often resemble the eyes and mouth on the face of a beta male. Sauds usually have amnesia as well, and it is not uncommon to find them leaving water bottles everywhere. Saud's typically are asexual, but some Sauds attempt to engage with those of the opposite sex. In these rare cases, a Saud will use Tinder to send booty pictures to those of the opposite sex in hopes of getting his rectum played with. However, the Saud always sends this ass picture for pre-approval by his closest freinds, which resulted in the Saud's common nickname "phagoat".
Alpha male: you are a bitch
Saud: yea, but uhhh do you mind looking at my ass I kinda left my water bottle in there
by Gheeboii October 25, 2018
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A person who's saudee
BOY: I saw you at the game

GIRL: What? i've been home all night

BOY: oh.

GIRL: ahha, saud.
by stephfersher2 July 10, 2008
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Saud is a name. Sauds tend to be kind, respectful, and all that stuff, but sometimes weird or annoying. They tend to be smart, and usually try many things. They try to do things nobody ever has at their age sometimes.
BOY: You know that guy named Saud?

GIRL: Yeah, he won the Spelling Bee, right?

BOY: Yep.

GIRL: What about him?

BOY: He just broke a Guinness World Record on Minecraft!

GIRL: Cool!
by Person1010101010101 August 07, 2017
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