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Person 1: Hey have you been to Saud recently?
Person 2: Yeah, it's pretty beautiful.
by yruhwiejsofkhiurkdsagf July 8, 2021
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basically a serbian state in modern day croatia that briefly existed from 1991–1995
nothing much to say
Person 1: Ever heard of the srpska krajina
Person 2: What?
by yruhwiejsofkhiurkdsagf July 19, 2021
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basically a way of saying serbia

the word was used when the Republika of Srpska was a thing
by yruhwiejsofkhiurkdsagf July 8, 2021
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a roast that looks like it was taken from google
can also be used for an roast thats been commonly used
Person 1: Did you know that Cuba was under Spanish rule?
Person 2: Did I ask?
Person 1: Did you literally use a google roast to insult me?
by yruhwiejsofkhiurkdsagf July 19, 2021
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a word used by malus (malayalis) to describe the tamils which according to them are their brothers (since the tamils influenced the language quite a bit). the word it self in tamil means something like "elderly brother" and the orgin is from sanskrit

can be used in a good way and bad way depending on context
Malu: Namaskaram, nee malayali anno?
Tamil:(confused, speaking tamil)
Malu: (in their head, what an annachi )
by yruhwiejsofkhiurkdsagf August 19, 2021
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goodnight in a bunch of indian languages + some others

its getting less and less common to use due to the usage of english becoming popular
Bob: Samayum eye, po urann (translation from my crappy malayalam transliteration: It's time, go sleep)
Joe: Subharatri
Bob: Subharatri
by yruhwiejsofkhiurkdsagf December 10, 2021
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a common roblox term used by the the community to describe people who had their limiteds stolen through various methods
Person 1: Bruh, I lost my Valk
Person 2: How?
Person 1: I got beamed
by yruhwiejsofkhiurkdsagf July 8, 2021
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