The initial word happiness is the society meaning. To serve and be happy with it. Very communistic. Happyness is the real "happy". To serve oneself and be secure with all actions and reactions of occurrence.
True Happyness comes from the heart of oneself, not the approval of others. Approval of others is only happiness.
by Lady Lynn January 18, 2009
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when someone is very happy.
that makes me very happyful
by kaie May 27, 2008
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an excess of drool exceeding from one's mouth, occuring at a time of exceeding happyness. Sometimes this may be unstoppable!

the sign for drooling in happyness is:

look he's drooling in happyness!
she's so happy she is drooling in happyness!
by saggmaster January 17, 2009
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These are my fries (said at a restaruant)
When someone asks you who's fries those are at mcdonalds
the correct response is "Happyness dude those fries are mine"
by Faith E September 19, 2007
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And what's that? Simply the coolest hub of all things fun, shopping and food.
"I am way too stressed. Heading to the Happyness Destination to recharge."
by such-a-day it was November 24, 2021
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same motion as a high 5 but only can be used when there was no previous happyness and now happyness is present.
Jay: im pretty bored what you wanna do?
Pat: lets go drive around with a saw mask on scaring people.
Jay: yes! -happyness slap-
by patted star November 28, 2009
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