Super sexy ass new mini series show following Avatar The Last Airbender, the creators of the show wanted to please the fans with this new show after that shitty ass movie by m night shyamalan.

sadly it had to have the name 'The Last Airbender : Legend Of Korra because that fuck face james cameron took the name Avatar.
*did you see the new trailer for Korra?*

*mmhmm baybeh, i had orgazms after watching it.*
by Avatar Korra September 27, 2011
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Korra is the Bisexual avatar that is known for her girlfriend Asami. They are both bisexual queens. Korra can kick your a$$ and you would be happy about it.
“Korra hit me pls”
“Korra your the best avatar!”
“Korra is a bisexual girl boss
by December 27, 2022
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The nitwit Avatar that killed the connection between all of the Avatars and is literally a complete and total dumb nitwit
"Avatar Korra was such a hero!"
"Idiot. She helped free that cursed Republic City, was okay with the abolition of the Earth Kingdom monarchy, did not stay neutral in a spiritual-political civil war, and literally ruined the avatar state and cycle.
"No you're stupid! Im a korra stan i dont listen to the facts!
by Sylaswwww July 26, 2021
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The show that follows the exploits of Korra an avatar from the water tribe. She is the avatar after Aang. It is set 70 years after ATLA. The first book is air, it follows Korra as she masters the element and faces an anti-bending revolution. The second entailes Korra gaining spiritual enlightenment and defeating Vaatu the dark spirit.
"Did you see the finale for The Legend of Korra?"

"Yeah, that was epic!"
by ATLATLOKrava November 18, 2013
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"Dude! Did you watch the Legend of Korra last Friday?"
"Yeah! My favorite part was when Bolin played Nuck-Tuck, Hero of the South!"
by Brenderp November 26, 2013
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A perfect sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender. The show is about Korra, the next Avatar in the Avatar cycle. She already mastered water, earth, and fire by the start of the show. Tenzin (Aang’s son) arrives at the south pole to teach Korra airbending. But Tenzin tells her that he has go back to Republic City. So Korra goes as well, without Tenzin knowing. That’s just the beginning. Korra meets many new friends throughout the show and we also learn the origin of the first Avatar. Go watch the show, I think it’s great. Also I am very bad at summery.
Hey wanna watch The Legend of Korra?
Sure. It’s great.
by Whythehellareyoustillhere? January 9, 2021
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To prolong or change something which was already as close to perfect as it could be, thereby decreasing the value of the original thing.
"Dude, how did that one night stand go?"
"Not bad, but I totally Legend of Korra'd it."
by I AM EVIL. STOP LAUGHING! November 20, 2013
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