The art of sarcasm typically directed from events that take place in the world. Much like a caricature of the human race. Usually it is done through comedy, but sometimes it is just as serious as the event itself. South Park is know for its satirical episodes. The Terry Schiavo case being one that sticks out.
Someone: "Did you see the South Park episode about the people coming back from the future and taking all the jobs away from the citizens because they worked for much less?"

Somebody: "Yes, it was chock full of satire about people complaining of immigrants and outsourcing."
by Nest December 06, 2005
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Originally, satire was a literary form in which the author used irony, sarcasm, and allied rhetorical devices to express indignation against perceived social vices, follies, or oppressions, and to hold the perpetrators up to ridicule and contempt. In the heyday of the National Lampoon, satire meant calling somebody an asshole. Currently, it consists of people submitting definitions to Urban Dictionary in which they call each other gay, retarded, or both.
I'd rather be gay and retarded than the sort of person whose idea of satire is calling someone else gay and retarded. I'd be more likely to get laid.
by Leslie Doppler March 08, 2009
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A way of comedy, this way of comedy is when the person using it is either not serious and plays a role or it can be seen as 'rude' comedy
Did you see that new FilthyFrank video? That was pure satire.
by Khydronic April 30, 2016
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Satired – The feeling of being both satisfied from a night of passion and tired from the lack of sleep!!
Eg: Rita “God I’m soo satired today!!”
Sue “Ahh you saw Bob last night then? Well you have no sympathy from least you got some…”
by leytonbird April 29, 2010
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The adverb form of the word satire, it is mainly used when describing a situation which is satirical.
The actions exemplified the satirity of the situation.
by Adam M. B. July 10, 2005
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an excuse for allowing someone who agrees with you to say something you're complaining about as long as it is an insult to the people you're against.
Rush Limbaugh calling democrats retarded is ok in Palin's book because it's used in satire. rahm emanual calling democrats retarded is not acceptable because it's not used in satire.
by pissedoffmoderate February 18, 2010
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What people on the internet use as an excuse to be racist
"Hey dude, that was racist"
"No, idiot, I was using satire"
by MemesterMcGamer May 24, 2020
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