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A fan-ligion (basically a fan religion) where one worships the "god-like" body of Uchiha Sasuke from the fandom Naruto. The people who are apart of this cult are some of the most obsessed people I have ever met. Now, I'm not saying these people are all bad, violent people.....normally... but once they feel their God has been threatened (by a character in the series, person or in some other way) these fans are likely to attack said blasphemer at full power (for you see, these beings are closely related to the Haruno Sakura and Karin from the series). Their victim unknowingly just dug their own grave. Yes, most of these people who cross the paths of these fangirls (and boys) do not always live to tell the tale for their strength in numbers is ever increasing and even as we speak, there will be some portion of their army going after another poor soul who spoke badly of Sasuke to destroy such evil and allow their king's reign to continue as most sexy awesome ninja with the bad-ass moves, no matter how emo or mentally unstable he is.
Sasuke-lova123: Omg, Sasuke is sooo hawt. I love you gorgeous.
Naru-fan92: Pfft, Sasuke's not all that great. I mean, he couldn't even kill his brother and now Pain destroys Konoha instead? Please, he's just a stupid emo kid with mental problems.
Sasuke-lova123: What. The. Hell. Did. You. Just. Say. About. SASUKE?????????!!!!!!!!!
Naru-fan92: Uh....
Sasuke-lova123: SASUKE FANS, UNITE!
Naru-fan92: *gets pwnd by the fans*
Sasuke-lova123: Aha! See! Sasukeism RULES YOUR ASS! CHA! *highfives other Sasuke fans*
by Inu-Uchi[fan] January 06, 2009
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