The forbidden love child between Michel Jackson and a snake
Orochimaru’s dad is Michel Jackson and his mom is some under aged snake
by BeeferBoy2 April 21, 2021
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A snake as character from Naruto that is just as bad as his emo duckass.
Orochimaru is a snake that stole the emo duckass from naruto.
by Kawaii Chan 28 October 19, 2019
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Orochimaru one of the Legendary Sennins of the Leaf Village, until his thirst for the knowledge of Forbidden Techniques exiled him from the village. Since then, he has moved on from body to body in a technique that transfers his soul into another one in a bid for immortality. His next victim, or prodigy, as he states, is Uchiha Sasuke.
After his initial meeting with Sasuke in the Death Forest, Orochimaru gives him a curse seal as tantalizing bait; using Sasuke's ambition against himself, so that Sasuke would one day follow him and Orochimaru would claim his greatest power. The Sharingan.
He also was once part of the Akatsuki, the same organization that Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame are currently in, but left because he feared Itachi to a great magnitude.
Orochimaru has terrifying offensive techniques, and the exact opposite of Jiraiya. His ability to make Kakashi freeze dead in his tracks by just showing off his killing intent should be indicator of how strong he is.
Don't let him bite you.
by Freud December 8, 2004
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A person who will deliberately disrupts other people's lives just to watch them panic and freak out in reaction to whatever the original person did. Coined from Orochimaru in Naruto, who "Likes to watch things move."
"Jackie was bored, so she slapped the most popular girl in the school and walked away."

"wow, she has such an Orochimaru complex."
by oh whthll February 25, 2009
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The best gay and totally not alabama ship in Boruto
Guy 1 " yo have you heard of the ship Mitsuki x Orochimaru"
Guy 2 " Yeah, it's Gay AF"
by Buzz Buzz I got the drugs August 4, 2022
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1. that bitch that used sasuke like rainbow dash in a jar like hello
he always gets head bc sasuke whines about being weaker than naruto and thinks that the only way he can find more is getting dick
2. the snake dude that’s built like a guy and a girl at the same time he looks like kaoru seta from bandori
3. sasuke’s master for some reason because ever since he got that mark on his neck he been horny for him all day that’s why he moaned when he get pain from it
1. person a: damn orochimaru is built weird.. why is he built like that
2. Person b: is orochimaru a guy or a girl??
3. sasuke: *SCREAMING IN PAIN* (then the next day at the preliminaries) *moaning*
by sazuke August 23, 2022
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Orochimaru broke up with Hokage-sama because he was one day too old for his father to get embarrassed. He tried to put him up for adoption, but, again, too old. That's why he has become evil.
Pisces: Misako left Tomoe after she saw how lonely the younger woman was.

Orochimaru: If he didn't, she'd have died of loneliness.

Pisces: So it was all for the greater good.

Chiron: Piss on you.

Orochimaru: That's what I said to Naruto, actually.

Pisces: He had every right to be upset.

Orochimaru: Don't worry, I'm here now.

Chiron: Who are you?

Orochimaru: My name is Orochimaru, and I think that Naruto is the very best thing that has ever happened to me.

Chiron: Then don't keep him for yourself.

Orochimaru: *cough*

Chiron: Hell, if you're so smart, why aren't you in charge?

Orochimaru: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Chiron: Are you offering us a deal?

Orochimaru: Maybe. I'm a master in the Art of War.

Chiron: Use it against me! I'll tell you everything!

Orochimaru: *snore*


Chiron: I was so close. I will destroy you!

Orochimaru: S-s-sure


Aries: It was Ariana who felt special and was told how beautiful she was.

Pisces: She wasn't allowed to date boys because of how brilliant she was.


Aries: *sniffle*

Pisces: I'd have dibs on her if you have to choose between me and Naruto.

Orochimaru: Look, I really do appreciate you helping me, but, uh, I don't think we're a good match.
by Drapen June 29, 2022
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