A dirty little city in the middle of nowhere.Saskatoon is a horrible place to live.
It is just one big boring ghetto.
The folks who live in saskatoon think its sooo big like LA but they are just a bunch of Calgary wannabees.
The winter is the worst thing about saskatoon,it lasts for 8 fucking months of the year and it can be -40 for three weeks staright.
Saskatoon is also a very dangerous place,a walk through the westside will surely result in several knife wounds.

If someone had to choose between hell and saskatoon hell would be the better choice.Hey? at least theres no snow in hell!!!
Saskatoon makes Winnipeg look like Dubai.
by guy94 December 09, 2010
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A really fat and ugly girl. Resembling Bigfoot. No offense to the fine folks in the Canadian city, but it's quite possible it originated with some burly and grotesque women who hailed from there.
The party was such a sausagefest that the only girls that weren't surrounded by guys were the Saskatoons.
by RogerThornhill October 18, 2009
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Saskatoon is a dirty little town in the middle of the gap i.e., the area between the two civilized places in Canada (ON-BC). Also known as Losertoon, Dirty Hole and No-Name-Toon (or NNT). Losertoon has a significant amount of aboriginal population mainly peaceful, a lot of crows (that is A LOT) and infinite empty space. Some fun stuff to do if you plan to go there: --- nothing. If you are already there: RUN BABE RUN! BTW avoid the place if you are not blond, blue-eyed white. You see Losertoon has a long tradition with KKK which is still a main institution there.
Saskatoon...Losertoon (sing it like Jeepers Creepers)
by Jon C P June 04, 2008
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A Sasktatoon is a really ugly girl. Sometimes overweight. It's another label along the thread of swamp donkeys and ditch pigs, although a Saskatoon has a less promiscuous connotation. Generally, just a physically hideous female specimen.
I'm going as a wing-man on my buddy's date. The girl for me better not be a Saskatoon.
by Slimshady535390 June 14, 2010
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