Saskatoon is a native infested city in Saskatchewan. Don't walk outside after 10:00pm, walk home alone, talk to anyone, piss anyone off or even look in some ones direction. Every third person is an indian who "knows a gang that will jump you" if you do anything previously listed. Carry a tomahawk and spear and you might be okay.
"yo man i'm visiting saskatoon this sunday!"

"Here you can borrow my bow and arrow for self defense"
by wunkanurds May 25, 2012
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An Awesome place to live in! But it really depends on which area you live in. The downtown is nice. Where people could just walk down and show and sho off their outfits for the whole city to see. I don't live in Saskatoon anymore but I used to. I've lived there for most of my life already. So I always make an effort to go there whenever I get the chance. Saskatoon is definitely NOT a boring place compare to the town I live in right now.

Tourists should visit Saskatoon to see what a wonderful place it really is! It has a very nice river which is really nice in the summer time!

....There are also some very nice, attractive girls in Saskatoon, guys. About the guys, girls, I don't really know so I can't say. But there would be some attractive guys over there perhaps too.
I went shopping in Saskatoon with my mom and we had a pretty good time together!
by GirlieGirl February 22, 2006
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The largest city in Saskatchewan, with over 200 000 people living in it. There are some nice parts of the city, including the Bessborough and the University of Saskatchewan, but it is generally bleak, unexciting, and boring. Nothing ever really happens in Saskatoon, and nobody really cares.
The winter is the worst aspect of the city, as it lasts about 5 to 6 months on average, and temperatures can go down to -40˚C without the windchill. It is quite common for at least one day in the year for Saskatoon to be the coldest place on Earth. It has on occasion been colder than 70˚C with the windchill. The summers are nice, but far too short. Temperatures hover around 20-25˚C, and have been as high as 35˚C.
The west side of Saskatoon is a scary place to be, as crime is a common occurrence there. Unless one enjoys knife wounds, they should avoid it at all costs.
Saskatonian #1: "So the other day I was walking around on the west side, bored as hell, freezing my fucking ass off, when a guy stabs me with a knife for my lunch."

Saskatonian #2: "Really? The same thing happened to me the other day!"

Saskatonian #1: "Yeah, Saskatoon sucks. Lets move to the US"

Saskatonian #2: "OK"
by I'mFreezingMyAssOffOverHere March 28, 2009
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A city of about 250,000 people situated in the middle of nowhere.
Saskatoon is full of ghetto natives and street people,and has the highest crime rate in all of Canada.
It is also the AIDS capital of Canada.
The weather sucks ass too.Winters are long and cold and it is not uncommon for the temprature to go below -40 degrees celcius.Fall/Spring is cloudy,depressing,chilly and wet.Summers are decent but way too short and too many mosquitos.
There is never anything going on in Saskatoon,it has to be the most boring place in Canada.

Saskatoon is nothing but a frozen ghetto shithole.
It makes Winnipeg look good!
saskatonian 1: Fuck its cold

saskatonian 2: I know man,i was taking a piss the other day and it froze before it reached the toilet bowl

saskatonian 1 :Shit seriously? damn saskatoon sucks,lets move to iraq

saskatonian 2 :ok
by benchod123 August 16, 2010
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Sas·ka·toon - describes the frigid, block heater required, cold demeanor of a woman who has little patience for your bullshit.
Chad: Man that new girl at the coffee shop is a real bitch.

Tim: Naaa man, she's just saskatoon.
by BraveLuxan September 12, 2013
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there are so many annoying Asians here but other than that, it's a pretty lit city. It has many beautiful sights and places. Some of the old stores in Saskatoon are so old it scares me but that's what makes them cool. If you're coming here to visit or smth bring lots of salt because it's very icy and some people don't know when to stop being assholes.
I better bring salt when I visit Saskatoon
by Big juicy lips March 04, 2017
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1. Where nice people live as well as some fuckers
2. Where you don't want to stay alone after midnight when you miss the last bus in winter
3. Where shit includes with 13%taxes, be poor and proud with that!
4. Where temperature fuck up and down different 100 degree in both winter and summer
5. Where you think "What the fuck is that? Is this Saskatoon?" on the plane when you see a totally flatted plain down there with less constuctions.
6. Where to be there like a Santa and get back home like you have never been there
7. Where little boys stay home when it hits -30, and grown men go fishing and dancing outside no shirts!
8. Where is a good place to study despite one part of the university's name and how the people make fun of it
9. Where to get fresh air, cold water (really damn great and free!), and hot chicks!
10. Where we call, A dead peacful city
11. Avril Lavigne has been there even she's not Saskatoonian
12. Same as Celine Dion
13. Where guys sucks at pool
7. Usask = You sucks, not university
by Nathan March 03, 2005
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