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Outdoor Canadian Sex Act with two men in snow suits standing facing each otherwith their hard dicks out . They hold a naked woman or man in-between, then lower them onto both their dicks' at the same time. Can be vaginal, anal or both. Basically standing double penetration in the snow.
Ted and I ripped Robin open with a Saskatoon Totem Pole. My sac got a little frost bit though.
by Shelltown May 30, 2009

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A term to describe people who spend their day traveling from free WiFi spot to free WiFi spot . These people usually have no internet access at home.
Girl: See that guy and his netbook? I saw him at Mcdonald's AND Wendy's today. And the coffee shop yesterday.

Guy: He must be a WiFi hobo.
by Shelltown July 04, 2010

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