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A great city. Seriously. But not all of Saskatoon is safe, notice why it's ranked Canada's 3rd most dangerous city behind *ahem* REGINA! Which is also in Saskatchewan. Don't walk west Saskatoon alone at night, just a warning. Other than that, this is a nice, moderately sized, clean city. Lots of things to do at night. Weather can be HORRIBLE sometimes but you'll get used to it.
Person from Windsor: Wow, good to see that there's ABSOLUTELY no place in Canada like the city north of me (Detroit) that's dangerous.

Person from Saskatoon: Pfft, there is, you'll get torn apart if you wander into west saskatoon.

Example 2:

Person from toronto: I'm gonna take a trip out to West-central Canada. Where to? Calgary? Vancouver?

Person: Every been to Saskatoon?

Person from Toronto: Who or What is Saskatoon?
by I dunno, lol May 19, 2007

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