A sexy-ass good-looking mothafucka who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. An attractive boy or man (usually a man) who can easily get the what he wants. Oh, did I mention he's a bad-ass in football.
Have you seen the new guy in college; He's such a Sarvesh
by ŘýÆß December 26, 2016
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A sexy, handsome boy from the outskirts of Mumbai. Equipped with a cute Indian accent and a body to die for, his personality and smile is a killer for the ladies. Don't fall too hard though, most Sarveshs' are already taken!
Daamn, look at that Sarvesh!
by Meenu08 July 17, 2019
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Any Kid who is addicted to marijuana and makes some pretty good cash off the internet on goofy projects
I ain't Sarvesh, cause I don't make money of the Internet nor I know Lindsey Sterling
by Lu$er May 14, 2015
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