Lovley and full of laughter. This a name. Loves to make jokes and make everyones lives a little bit better. She Will most likeley get children because she loves kids so much. Not a fan of having animals at home.
Sari come on we are going to be late
by Ida.unicorn December 14, 2016
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a literal angel like u don’t even know he’s come down from the heavens and blessed us all thank u. friends with zaharah who is also an angel!! birthday is 31st december
wow, look at sari beltagy today
by firefhlys December 30, 2017
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It is a local and family-owned store.
It is often found in The Philippines, especially on suburban areas.
Person 1: 'Where have you been?'

Person 2: 'Oh, i was buying a cigarette in the Sari-sari Store.'
by SomeFilipinoGuy11 March 23, 2022
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someone who is texting while driving
yo that girl is pullin a sari
to pull a sari
by escretary March 24, 2022
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