A Sary is the type of girl that everyone instantly loves as they are incredible in every possible way. They are usually hilarious, able to crack jokes with ease and make light of nearly any situation. They will not accept it themselves but they are gorgeous I mean naturally stunning, they are the cause of many jaws hitting the floor. These girls are also the best listeners, they hardly ever judge and they never go back on their word, they will always be there for you even if you feel alone. Once you meet a Sary you won't ever be able to forget about her, she will become a part of your life before you even realise it. This girl will change your life, if you ever meet a Sary you shouldn't let her get away, she will be a friend for life, a twin even. If you are apart from her you will feel as if you've been split down the middle and your other half is missing. They are the most amazing people you will ever meet and you won't be able to stop yourself from loving them with all your heart.
Bob: OMG who is that girl? She is so pretty and funny, she seems like an amazing person!

Lausa: Yeah thats Sary, she is the most incredible person to walk the Earth.

Bob: Wow..
by lausa April 11, 2013
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A funny, smart, sexy, strong women who will fight for what ever she believes. Doesn't who shes with she finds a way to have fun. Doesn't care about the past only looks to the future. All ways ready for fun. Best girl to date.
Did you see that girl? She was totally a Sarie!
by sarie_lover January 22, 2012
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1:A very rare word indeed usually seen as sari; referring to a article of clothing from India or somewhere of the like

2: An amazing woman who has an astounding amount of inner strength mixed with love, caring, and kindness. Often her own worst critic, she struggles in this world thinking she isn't good enough, but is blind to the fact that she is just flat out frickin' awesome. Has a huge soft spot for animals and the elderly, has two kick-ass kids, and mini-zoo in her home. She is a unique individual, always looking for fun, new things to do and has the patience of a saint. Above all however, she is the most wicked-badass-bitchin' Mom of all time and deserves everything and more for all she has gone through and put up with.
Kid 1-"So, whats your Mom's name?"
Kid 2-"Sary"
Kid 1-"WOW. You are one lucky bitch!!!"
Kid 2- "Yeah. I am, aren't I?"
by Taryn N. April 9, 2008
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is the best man ever, it's a rare name that who called with must be unique and one of his kind... You won't be able to meet alot of people have this name, but if you do.. You are the most lucky person ever.
Sary you are the most woderful man I have ever met.
by Just a friend... dude March 1, 2020
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Sarie is absolutely stunning and confident and sassy she is so cool. She is bubbly and melodramatic in the best way. Saries are never afraid of conflict or to express their emotions and loves gossip. While she loves to overreact she can be stubborn and is mainly vegan.
Who was that sexy babe laughing over everyone else? That was totally a Sarie
by NIAMH BISHOP March 17, 2022
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An amazing girl that can be sarcastic at times but extremely funny the next. She's extremely talented. She's one of the best friends you'll ever have and once she's your friend, you'll have the best times of your life.
by Daphne liliac October 2, 2017
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