Sarie is the most amazing person ever lived. She’s a princess. If you’re with a Sarie right now kiss her on the cheek while she’s eating spits
by Everyonelovessarie November 2, 2017
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My name's Sarah, but many people call me Sari. Tis a nickname for Sara, Sarah, and Sarrah.

A long piece of cloth that a woman wraps around her body. Originating in India... saris are gorgeous! They are always beautifully made, with lovely designs. I believe when worn, they add much mystery to the woman wearing it.
"Hi I'm Sarah, but you can call me Sari."

"Wow! Look at the beautiful sari that woman is wearing."
by Sari_Not_4_U August 21, 2004
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A Sary is a group of french people whose number increases over time ( there are 37 at the moment. Nov 2018)
Omg.. How did Sary fit in there!!
by Anonymous23_1 November 25, 2018
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A girl from the show Transformers Animated who is the coolest girl in the universe. A lot of kids think she is weird but she is not! All who oppose me suck!!!!
4 friends talking in the local Burger Bot.

Trisha: Did you here that Sari Sumdac just befriended giant freaky robots? Weird!!!!

Sari: Hey who said that!

Trisha: Me, asshat. Get your weirdish ass away from us.

Sari: Okay, That does it!! Let's fight
by Summertimefun July 30, 2009
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The act of two restaurant coworkers of differing gender going into the cooler under the pretense of a brief intimate encounter of some sort, and the initiator of said interaction surprising the other by slapping him or her across the face with a fish. They may or may not continue with the originally intended encounter afterward.
I thought that new waitress was going to make out with me, but I got Sari Slapped instead.
by O'Charlie March 7, 2008
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To describe one's Need for an object, an activity or a person. ONLY for use by people with the appropriate name!!! WARNING: Phrase MUST Not be taken lightly or used randomly.
It's Vanessa-sary that I find a Coke Zero ASAP!!!!
by Electric Mischief July 13, 2010
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Haillie is a girl. She is a blonde girl, crazy, in love, teenager. She is super small, and not so strong. Overall she is a one of a kind maniac who is desperate to get attention.
Haillie Sari is a word
by Supaman533 April 30, 2016
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