Sarha is one great person, many people love Sarha. Sarha's are so beautiful, and they are geniuses.
Boy: She's so beautiful and smart, omg!
Girl: She is a Sarha, duh.
by vansbby March 19, 2011
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this is the better way to spell sar:ah not with h on the end or no h at all one right before the a go figure. A mother was creating the most efficient way to spell sarha in 1983. so down with you all who always spell it wrong. A Sarha like this is fierce she can woop your daddys ass and she has the largest boobs. there will never be a day that her boobs are not mentioned in regular conversation
person 1: Sarha is so strong she wooped my daddys ass last night.

person 2:omg is that the one spelled with an h on the end.

person 1:NO foo she has a h before the a if she new you said that she would woop your daddys ass.

person 2: her momma was so cool when she spelt it that way

person 1:Yeah and she has big boobs.
by norma jean par deux February 4, 2010
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Sarha is the most genuine and sincere person you’ll ever meet.

A) Don’t piss her off

She’s the coolest person in the world and can be your best friend until things go sideways then that’s a whole different Sarha

Modest, confident, humble, and drop dead gorgeous, sophisticated, chill as a cucumber but boy is she scary when she’s mad

She is beautiful inside and out. If you ever come across a Sarha you are blessed beyond measure. She is a great friend and confidant to anyone who has the opportunity to come into her life. If you ever go to her for advice She will make you feel heard and understood and will not shy away from telling you her honest opinion. She is a caretaker and a protector anyone who has been in her life will not tell you otherwise. Just her presence alone will light up a room. Her sense of style is never boring. Everything fits no matter what she wears. This girl can make a trash bag look like a million bucks on her.

If you are ever loved or is even lucky enough to be loved by a Sarha consider yourself to be the luckiest man on earth! Her love is without a doubt unconditional. She is very friendly in fact sometimes so much so that many will take it the wrong way from her. But, if she’s not in love with you stand no chance.

She likes to help people so much that it at times can lead to her being taken advantage of. Her circle only consist of people who takes the time to know her.

She is badass
Damn, you know Sarha?! She’s cool asf
by Brussels sprouts November 24, 2021
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Sarha, She is perfect in more ways than one. She is caring,She is protective, And she loves deep. She isnt the best at showing it but she always goes out of her way to make sure the people around her are happy.

She is an amazing friend and an even better lover. She understands that you aren’t perfect and accepts you with all your flaws.

She is incredibly beautiful on inside and out. She has a smile that shines bright enough to power the planet. With a body with the more curves than you could of ever imagined.

She has a personality everyone can click with, and radiates nothing but positive energy.

Sarha is an amazing woman and an ever better future wife. Dont fumble with her love
I love Sarha
by Taneel May 22, 2022
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A super controlling dumb ass bitch who will eat your sole. See also succubus
Man I haven't seen my best bro in ages p... prolly cause he's dating a Leah sarha
by PrayingForYou October 31, 2013
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