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Saray is usually a sweet and shy girl until you get to know her. Then you get to see her wild side. She has a lot of attitude and doesn't fuck around. Although she might look mean she's really sweet and caring.
There goes Saray
by Brii18 December 24, 2016
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Saray is usually an amazing person she will be your friend no matter what she also does crazy shit, she is really caring and sweet
A girl gave me $20!
She must've been a Saray
by Christy34 February 01, 2017
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"Sorry." Usually used by lamers or people who can't pronounce "sorry" properly.
lamer1: asl plz
lamer2: 9/m/usa
lamer1: saray, bye.
lamer2: :(
by Art Vandelay March 13, 2003
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