A magical princess who surrounds herself with cats and tea
I've been so spoilt today I feel like such a Sarah-Louise.
by monkeyfish February 26, 2012
A Unit of measurement to determine how many cigarettes you smoke in one day

65 cigarettes = 1 Sarah Louise
Man, Jimmy stop smoking 3 Sarah Louise a day Its not good for you.
by DA Aegis September 28, 2018
is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly
ugly sarah louise hall is so old
by me1992 September 15, 2009
1. sarah louise jolley

2. james' mother
1. all the single ladies want to be like sarah louise jolley! sarah lou is my icon.

2. have you seen sarah louise jolley!? she is one fit MILF.
by rico narsty November 18, 2021