Sapna is a real genuine human being. She always knows how to have a lit time. She's is an intellectual genius who is also lowkey street smart. She is the second coming of Beyoncé. Her dance moves are hella. And like deadass b she lowkey pretty af.
Bruh I wish I could dance like a Sapna
deadass wish I could do the same
by thatniggacuhhh December 5, 2016
Sapna is joyful, always know how to lit the atmosphere. Is caring and sweet. Introvert for strangers but is crazy as hell. Can be really bad to people who are foe. Loyal and trusting. Will do anything without thinking or will be a mastermind.
1. Sapna is really unpredictable.

2.Sapna is someone I would like to hang out with
by Markk33 November 24, 2021
She's someone who'll just ditch you when you get close to her. Never trust a Sapna if you have one in your life. Cute and funny but don't fall for that. Guys don't usually involve with her.
Nobody wants a Sapna in their life.
by nobody3cares December 26, 2012
sapna is nothing but dreams. Usually used to discribe a sweet dream had last night .
last night i had a sweet sapna (dream)
by Madhusudhan June 8, 2005
Sianakt sapnavau tave = Last night I saw you in my dreams.
Sapnas = dream. Sapnuoti = to dream. Sapnai = dreams.
by laststar April 23, 2010
the computer/internet wizzzz who is an abolute genious!!! AKA Soupy
Man I am such a sapna on the computer.
by Neerali January 20, 2005