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Santino is a very sweet and caring guy who loves his closest friends. Santino is a boy with very beautiful hazel eyes and dark brown hair. Santinos are very smart and charming and love his family very much. He will always love someone no matter that happens. Everyone should have a Santino in their life.
Santino is a very sweet person.
by Averie & madi June 08, 2018
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Santino is the sexy person ever to walk this earth, even if you have a boyfriend you would you still smash!!!!! He is the nicest, funniest and the best to rant to 10/10. Santino is so ridiculously hot with his muscles and his amazing personality. He is so protective and would never let anyone treat you like shit. His dick is also huge and his smile plus laugh lights up my whole. Anyone would be the luckiest girl to get him. He also has quite a lot of girls who want to get with him but he does not show it off and become cocky. Santino is the kid you fall in love with at first site <3 so make sure you marry him.
Santino is the ultimate daddy
by Ball sack hangs June 05, 2018
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A vision of the incredible charm, charisma, enchantment and sexiness. His heart is of gold. a face of an angel. hypnotic eyes of a wise gentle soul which will lead you in blissful trance. A caring man who will wrap you gently in his wings and shield you from the worries, fears and loneliness, and replace each moment with love, romance and warmth. A beautiful soul who you love dearly and will love for eternity and beyond. A being so powerful he radiates sparks of love, affection, care and strength in every step that he treads. An heaven sent who will give you his hand and never let it go. A beautiful vision of perfection... a vision which completes me.
A breathtaking vision... i love you forever Santino <3
by urstunning.iluffu June 20, 2010
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A powerful name common in Italian and Spanish cultures. Santinos May have dark hair, a dark complexion, and handsome dark eyes. They are kind, funny, and have a unique way of showing friendship. Their smile is adorable.
Who is that boy from my math class?

Oh him? That’s Santino.
He’s so sweet!
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by gottalovememes October 10, 2018
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Very good looking, over the top, clothes and decor freak, interested in expensive brands that he cant afford, and very cute. He is the chosen one.
Christian: Meep
Santino: ... ok bye!!!
by Meep life be like... January 20, 2019
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adj. ridiculously over-the-top. completely overdecorated.
Her wedding dress was sooooo santino. You couldn't have squeezed another piece of ribbon or embroidery onto it. (from the overdone style of designer Santino Rice on the Bravo TV program 'Project Runway'.)
by thithyphuth January 18, 2006
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