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A last name that is based of off farming and Rednecks. Hard working and smart at building and contruction. One of the most independant type of people out there. Very difficult for him/her to follow instructions unless told by upper authority. Loves to work alone but respects and will work in groups. Loves to be dominated by authority or in bed. Sankeys are very humble people. They dont normaly brag or any of the sort. His/her respect for others may make them bad starting partners but once they get used to the partner they are one of the proudful people to have. They have alot of silent pride for them selfs and enjoys hard labor. Very very athletic and have some of the most amazing thinking and common sense when it comes to managing things. Gets along with just about anybody. Really easy to abuse since they are very gulable and will do just about anything in the world that contains hard work and time. They love the pride they give themselfs. Very upbeat people as well. They love helping people more than anything in the world. And they will never except a payment. A good smile and the satisfaction that you like what they did is more than the world to these type of people.
That guy is extreamly hardworking
He must be a Sankey
by Dakillaman July 13, 2017
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1. n. a magic whore. To promise to be exclusive with your products to one dealer and repackage it and sell it to others.
I thought I was the only one he dated until I found he pulled a sankey on me.
by bob ross & HH August 03, 2010
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1.n. The most amazing guy you will ever meet. He has a great personality and an even better education. He is very rich and can drown you with money. Any girl is lucky enough to have him.
“Yo John, I met Sankey and he is AMAZING
by LT0614 January 15, 2018
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