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A name that refers to someone that is godlike, attractive, and intensely social. They are hard to come by but if you meet one, you will forget even after your dead.
Person #1: I just met a Sanket

Person #2: NO WAY!!!! How can I meet one.
by randomperson2343567 January 19, 2013
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A Quiff. A structured and carefully maintained haircut.
Elvis must have used a lot of oil and hairspray to get his sanket to look so good.

Johnny Bravo has one mean sanket.
by Salty Bobby September 13, 2007
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Usually referred to a whore; or the one having a drug addict gaping filthy female genitalia which spreads for everyone.
Might also refer to puusy,cunt,vagina or Sorghastrom Endometrium.
Origin : latin
These can be used as nouns and verbs too and many other parts of speech.
for eg:

"aah sanket aah m cumin"
"GTFO u sanket"
"aw snap, wat a sanket!"
"wtf u human or sanket?"
by idonwanarevealmyself October 14, 2011
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Manipulative, condescending, superficial and shallow. On the surface, he might appear charming with a soothing voice but he has ulterior motives and is in fact very creepy. He has a deformity on his left arm and spends his time fat shaming other girls. When he is not commenting on their physical appearance , he is spending time trying to find ways to take advantage of them; predator and a sociopath; Calls himself a feminist but does not respect women.
Be careful, and cautious. After all, he is a Sanket.
by Donteo September 11, 2019
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