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A wonderful woman who always puts everyone's needs before her own. She will always get the task accomplished. She accepts people for who they are. Ask a SANDEE if you want it done correctly. SANDEE'S love to plan and double check events. Rarely disappointed, the deserve more from their surroundings and acquaintances. They are known to love Toby's unconditionally and can even save their lives. They are Keepers.
SANDEE will get it correctly, just watch!
by Uncle"T" April 21, 2018
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he ees deh gaii dat tahx laiik dees.. bot he ees deh culess gaii in AP Human Geo
oh man.. a hurricane is coming lets see if San-dee knows about it

San-dee "well ju si, guat ees heppenin ees dat eet ees comeeng here"
by the love of your life, Mai kai. September 02, 2004
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Fat double chin BITCH , lesbian, ugly ,man body , all around fkn gross
Me-“Fuck dropped a big sandee in the toilet today”

Friend- “fuck me too bro”
by YaDaddysCum May 08, 2018
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A kind, sweet, caring girl who will also eat your liver with some Fava beans and a nice Chianti if you mess with her kids.
She tripped you on the playground? Oh no! We are gonna have to go ALL Sandee up in here!
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by Greenigirlee May 01, 2018
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