When you're out of weed and you dig out all the shit from the sides of your grinders to make a bowl of kief.
Yo, I'm out of weed, but do you wanna build a sandcastle?
by Hollywood Acid May 6, 2020
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Another term for A member of the male anatomy, or his penis.
His gens, His shlim shlam, his wiggle tugger, his wenis
Marc: Another penis picture post... never gets old.
Lil: Oh wow that was a penis? I thought it was a sandcastle.
Marc: Omg lmfao
Lil: see? his hand looks like the sand.
by Phroom July 23, 2009
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When a guy dips his member in the sand and sticks it up anothers butthole.
Dude I woke up at the beach with sand in my butthole; I am pretty sure that dude I hooked up with last night sandcastled me.
by Dirty Sanchex 44 May 26, 2010
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The act of whining so incessantly that a medieval fortress could conceivably be built from the ample sand dunes blasting forth from your vagina.
Goddamn! Bob's been sandcastling so hard about his job, I could swear we're at the beach.
by b3s January 8, 2010
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Leftover food stored in a plastic container that causes the food to hold the shape of the container when it is dumped out, much like when you make sandcastles with a plastic bucket.
"I made too much spaghetti last night. I'll be eating sandcastles for days."

by DannoBoston September 5, 2006
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When finishing up sex, you kick the shit out of your partner, as you would a sandcastle when you are done building it.
I sandcastled the shit outta that girl last night.
by krg007tb April 14, 2004
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When a Runescape warlord takes lead and completely destroys your carefully sculpted pile, reducing it to 30 options spread across the face of the wilderness within a few minutes. Much like a fat ginger kid would step on your sandcastle when it is almost complete.
Tiffany just sandcastled us again...
by arma150 October 17, 2010
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