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The equivalent to doggy style. Or a common dance where one member places his or her hands on the ground and another member works it hard from behind
Lil:yo cece you know you wanna be me- who wouldnt with lyrics so sick- people call me ill but stick the I in the middle- cuz im LIL i got booty and the boys wanna grab it- look but dont touch cuz they cant have it i got enough booty to make the world go round- and the boys see it and they think "hound pound"
by Phroom September 26, 2009
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Another term for A member of the male anatomy, or his penis.
His gens, His shlim shlam, his wiggle tugger, his wenis
Marc: Another penis picture post... never gets old.
Lil: Oh wow that was a penis? I thought it was a sandcastle.
Marc: Omg lmfao
Lil: see? his hand looks like the sand.
by Phroom July 23, 2009
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