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The act of undermining someone else's opinion subtly, yet in a public area, to make him/her appear foolish.
The exhaust shaft is only two metres wide, so you'll have to use proton torpedoes.
Rebel Pilot: But that's impossible, even for a computer!
Luke Skywalker: It's not impossible - I used to bulls-eye womprats in my T-16 back home and they're not much bigger than two metres.
by WordsMan July 31, 2008
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To be caught off guard with an insult or a belittling comment. To be blindsighted by a patronizing comment amidst a circle of friends, usually by one of your own friends.
We were out at a restaurant last night, and Peter totally sandbagged me with his comment on how easy it was to stop smoking, while it is obvious that I've had many failed attempts
by The Craziest Jackson December 19, 2006
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When you're tricked into doing something because you weren't given all of the information you needed to make a good decision.
Naris sandbagged me when he asked me to cover for him while he went on vacation. He knew he was quitting as soon as he got back and I'd get stuck with a matter that was a freakin' disaster.
by Victim or the crime July 04, 2012
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Knocked down or bowled over by a nasty or disparaging comment from someone you thought you could trust, with damage to your reputation or prospects.

Here’s the image: Two or more friends are tossing light objects to one another, and you get used to catching them easily. But then your “friend” tosses you a heavy sandbag, propelled with some force. You try to catch it, but it’s way more than you expected, and it knocks you flat on your back. You feel like a fool for being knocked over and for trusting that person in the first place.
Example: I thought I was OK with him - I even thought we were friends - but then he sandbagged me with a nasty comment, in front of people who are important to me.
by Getting_More_Cynical October 24, 2011
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What the girlfriend of your buddy does to you when she has no friends and you hang out with her, but she then goes home and tells your buddy that you did nothing but talk about his ex girlfriend. Which you didnt. But he takes her side because she gives it up to him. causes your buddy to freak out and start hurting people.
She totally sand bagged us after dinner. She went right home and complained to her boyfriend that we were talking about his ex or some shit. She's a total sand bagger!
by mosdave February 02, 2007
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to be dissed, ignored, proven wrong, or snubbed by another person who acts like a real asshole during the sandbagging; preferably done by that polish girl at lunch that no one likes, ya know? the one who sits by people who make fun of her, and she pretends to be like haha but then goes home and cuts herself, and u try to be kinda nice sumtimes but then she just sandbags you like that, ya know? yea....u know
Izabel, or whatever the fuck that girls name is, just sandbagged Dan when he asked her what time it was and she was like "Time for you to get a watch". So I sandbagged her back by fuckin her sister, and she was all "oh yea" and i was like "bam bam bambam bam"................yea
by Jesus Christ Jr. April 02, 2008
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To be intimidated or coerced into doing something you'd rather not.
I didn't want to write the report as it wasn't my responsibility, but Mike the cunt sandbagged me into it.
by Parsefone October 13, 2006
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