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A girl with ass that is more than right and nice that's like 👌 but if it's a man then ur gay dont uno reverse me bitch
She got some CAKE!
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Notorious big:I'm above ya cus you a sweet bitch a crazy crab that might make my dick itch,n*ggas wanna know how I live the mac life,making money smoking Mike's like crack pipes

Me:*amazed at him spitting bars but confused why biggie smokes Mike's
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The xbox live 12 y/o's favourite insult to say when they have run out of insults
Kid"i FrIcKeD YOur mOM
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A song only true fans of pink guy can apreciate and means shut the f*ck up
"Stfu family,teacher,therapist,sleep paralysis demon,Karen and god"
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A man who gives up everything they can and except something from the women they are giving their possessions up for most of the time the simp doesn't get anything but sadly sometimes the women takes advantage of this for things like money,clothes ect. But if the women is a decent person she will not accept it and reject the simp if the women is more than nice she will talk to him about the issue stopping him from giving asshole women thing that the simp worked hard for saving the man possibly thousands of dollars that could go to more important things that will benefit them and hopefully they will find a real women.
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