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1)Hardest working actor in Hollywood. The one nigga in H-wood you don't wanna f**k with!

2)A beer that'll "get ya drunk!!!"
1) See "Pulp Fiction," "Jackie Brown" and "Shaft," to see why he's is a bad mutha!

2)"UMM-UMM, bitch!"
by B-Money July 25, 2004

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Multi-talented musician and artist, formerly of the group Japan, now has a successful solo career and often collaborates with other artists (e.g., Tweaker). Most of catalog is mellow, but he enjoys experimenting with different styles.
Have you heard the latest David Sylvian? It's reminiscent of Gone to Earth.
by B-money April 14, 2005

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A burdensome report that Peter must produce in the movie "Office Space."
Uhhh...yeeahhh..I'm gonna need you to put a cover memo on that TPS Report.
by B-money April 14, 2005

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Where the male drags the female around by her ankles as if she was a piece of luggage until he starts to breath heavy. Then he proceeds to fuck her in the ass.
Did u get to ride on the Neporte train last night?

That was her virgin experience with a Neporte
by B-Money January 17, 2005

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to leave
to have sexual intercourse
We need to bounce before my mom gets home.
I bounced with that chick/guy all night.
by b-money August 28, 2003

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A newspaper that has the most controversial topics immaginable. They are so "out-there," that no one even believes them. They are all the REAL odd happenings in the world, condensed into one newspaper.
You think the Weekly World News lies?Well Bat Boy is my cousin.
by B-Money May 05, 2004

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the spot you push so u dont bust anything out
before u bust, push it in, and u wont have a mess
by b-money October 18, 2003

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