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Another word for a pussy or bitch depends on use
Kunda comes from czech languge
VlhkΓ‘ kunda. (Wet pussy)
Ta holka je ale kunda (that girl is such a bitch)
by W0nd3y January 04, 2006
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Kunda translates to a "winner" In the Zimbabwean language of Shona. A person given this name is usually referred to one who will always come out on top.
He is such a Kunda

Kunda is so cool (used as a name)
by PlAckn1234 August 15, 2017
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Doesn't always mean a bitch. It's used more to describe a hot girl or her pussy.
Dude1: Look at that "kunda"(chick) over there.
Dude2:Oh yeah she's fucking hot.

Amy shaves her "kunda"(pussy) once a week.
by Filipak May 18, 2009
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