Sammy is a name given to a beautiful young girl. She isn't very tall or very short. She has dark brown eyes and brown hair. She laughs at a lot of things and her laugh is VERY contagious. She's smart but she has her dumb-blonde moments. Always accompanied by a person with the beginning letter of 'J' or 'B'. She makes everyone smile and no one can keep a grudge on her. Sammy is a kindhearted and loyal friend. She's flawless and perfect and if you don't know a Sammy, you should totally go finding a Sammy.
B: Sammy is my best friend she is perfect
J: Will you help me get ahold of her? shes amazing
B: Okay but don't worry, shes a great friend.
by Fernanda America December 04, 2013
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Womens breast that have extremely long gross nipples.
Rob: I had Ms. Warren over last night.
Vik: Did you see her boobs this time?
Rob: Yeah she had some sammies!
Vik: Ew gross.
by Phixxy January 24, 2011
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Sammies usually form bonds with its counterpart, Rainmaker. These two are likely become friends and usually share the same spot on the social hierarchy. A Sammy is very active in its natural habitat unlike Rainmaker, which is always off doing something else. Scientists have confirmed that Sammies are known to possess feelings from time to time. An effort has been made to capture this rare occurrence in the wild but no success so far.

Sammies have been found with other counterparts besides a Rainmaker such as Apple_Byter's. In rare cases a Sammy, Rainmaker, and Apple_Byter all travel in a group.

Sammies are local and talkative.
-Look, there goes a heard of Sammies

-Do you think our Sammy is in there?
by Apple Byter April 10, 2020
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Sammy: A boy who has the most amazing hair EVER... A boy who can be inappropriate but makes you laugh... A boy who You want to hold on to... Sammy dresses awesomely.... Sammy is someone who is probably in the school band... Sammy is someone who you want to be friends with...
"Sammy Is awesome"
by Stary*Eyed*Tears November 09, 2012
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he's amazing in every way and you'll be lucky enough to find another guy ever like him. he's really cute, funny, and sweet! he doesnt like being called marshmellow or cheese puff :/ also known as professor dickweed

also he is a great cuddler :
Taylor: hey becca, who do you like?
Becca: i dont like anyone... but i do love someone :
Taylor: who?!
becca: he's the one with the big fluffy hair :p his name is sammy and i love him!
taylor:..damnnn his hair is orgasmic...
by wooinator March 08, 2009
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Sammy is so wonderfully... there is no word. She's quiet at first, she comes across as shy. But if you knew her, If only. When she's with her friends, she is amazing. She is so sweet and caring. She is the best listener you can ever hope for. She loves hearing you out. She knows how to flirt. She keeps things to herself. She loves you. If Sammy loves you then consider yourself one of the luckiest people on earth.
Cole is so lucky to have Sammy.
Sammy is...
by Thegirlwhowasinlove May 07, 2017
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An extremely smart girl who knows exactly what she wants, she can be very deceptive but being with a girl that gorgeous and funny is totally worth whatever price you pay. Down to get high and fuck all the time but doesnt give it over easily. She loves indie rock. Can be a total bitch when she wants to and isnt as fragile as other girls.
I love Sammy so much i just wish that she didnt hate me, she was so fucking chill!!
by Adam Koo August 27, 2013
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