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A very sexy person who will make you laugh. She makes you feel on top of the world when your around her. She has a bad temper but she is funny with it. Plus she is the most sexualest person you will ever meet. She can turn anything you say into something nasty. She can help you through any situation even if she hasnt been throught it. When you have her you should keep her. She is a wonderful girlfriend who will do anything to make you happy. If your mad she wants you to talk about it. Overall she is a down to earth person who wants to make everyone happy and have a smile on there face, even when she is not doing her best
" I talked to Samiya last night and we were literally on the phone dieing."
by nitalayimas May 15, 2018
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a girl with a perfect body and mind; down to earth; insanely gorgeous, heavenly.
by homie g December 01, 2004
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She's a really cool girl everyone loves her funny awsome normally a tomboy and she's really fun. Amazing at everything and good with beefs
Omg it was soo fun with samiya yesterday
by gyall May 31, 2016
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a girl who backstabs you then pretends it doesn't happens.
Rob: have you seen samiya?
Adam: yeah, she's ugly
Rob: ik bro!
by holasoydora June 09, 2018
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