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Samia is an Arabic name! If you met a Samia then you better keep her close! Samia is pretty, intelligent, determined, petty and stubborn. Samia's might have a hard time trusting people but once you get her trust she would do anything in her power for you. She is a great lover and also a freak in the bed! Samia has a different personality from others that some girls don't have it's one of a kind...
I would love to have a Samia!
by Angela mason March 13, 2017
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Samia is such an intelligent girl, she is very hardworking and is very iconic. She should be an iconic vine, she's a rolemodel and she's great at ELA and MATH. She's very fashionable, and has a lot of glamour!
Teacher: Be more like a Samia!
Samia: YEAHHH!
by I DON'T GIVE A F#%K ! June 16, 2018
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an Arabic name for a girl which means a good listener..
a very cute name and describing a personality trait which is often missing in girls....
She understood everything i told her, she is so Samia...
by Zeeshu May 16, 2011
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Samia is a loving person she will always be by your side no matter what she will make friends n will have a lot of boys on her she is talented intelligent beautiful honest truthful crybaby Samia will always be there for you but you make her mad it’s over she done all her friend names are beautiful if a boy have a boyfriend name Samia he will have the love of his life
Samia is very truthful to all her friends
by Danielle wade October 22, 2018
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Coolest Person in the World!!
Doesn't like Strawberry McFlurry!
Thinks that going to Calculus class and playing cards is better than doing math outside of class.
Samia, I'm skipping and helping you in math for sure!!
by gocanucksgo!stanleycup! June 13, 2011
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Samia's are usually very shy and quiet but when you get to know them you find out their actually really dirty and not innocent all. They are pretty and cute. They are usually going for the boys. If they're attracted to a boy they will stalk you. They are very kind and have that crazy lovely side. They are very easy to get along and not afraid to voice their opinion. if they believe something, they will tell you.
guy 1: have you seen Samia?
guy 2: yeh she my friend. she proper mental though.
by bitchbabe June 23, 2018
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A brazilian-palestinian girl who has no life.
Samia was working with Elmer in some nastia lookin' jeans.
by Pseudofeud August 03, 2010
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