A charming man to be with, meet him and your guts will flip over.
He will make your day S H I N E!
You will regret not meeting a Samer.
Very cute smile he has!!!
JEEZ That cute smile that Samer Has!!
by P123Coool July 28, 2017
Buff man with large male parts. Very attractive with a lot of charisma. He is the definition of alpha male!
Did you see those parts? They are so big; they're like Samer's! :O
by Big man from japan May 14, 2011
Someone who wears the carpet out while holding a can of coke and arguing with people on subject matters they have little to no real world experience in.
Dude! I'm trying to work. Leave me alone and stop being such a Samer
by qwastyx February 26, 2015
A guy who is hotter than anything in the world and has 2,000,000 inch dick. If you have a sister watch out she might faint.
wow this guys dick is so big he is such a samer
by your mom 1235 February 23, 2020
a guy who is so bored that he searches his name on urban dictionary and is now reading this and thinking, "what the fuck."
Guy 1: You're searching your name on Urban Dictionary? What the hell is your problem?

Samer: Shut up before I kill you.
by dr.philsbrotherinlawsmom October 17, 2010
Someone you see at the gym lifting weights on the treadmill. Also, keep an eye out for Samer if you have a sister.
Hey Samer, wanna flex?
by bigotsrus January 3, 2011
Someone who completely ruins the mood of a funny moment. Someone who has no common sense at all.
"*Says dumb comment*"
"Dude you just ruined it"
"Yeah you kinda pulled a samer right there"
by youcrazy107 November 9, 2011