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A pretty girl that gets alot of love and a loyal girl with a big pretty heart
Samai is a pretty girl that is loyal also awesome and a big heart with alot of love
by By Joshua November 28, 2017
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Samai is the name of a beautiful queen that through controversy and hardship had accomplished a lot for herself and captivated a young king with her charm, intelligence and heart.
I really want to have a woman like Samai in my life.
by MR. DUBAI June 04, 2018
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What a man does when he finds his inner homosexual self. After this point of realization, he does things that a typical heterosexual man wouldn't dream of doing in public.
"Hey Aubid....I think its time I let you know who I really am...I woke up, took a leak and realized....samai happened."

aubid: "'s never a right time to say goodbye, but we know, we gotta go, our separate waysss..."
by mysterio666 February 23, 2012
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