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Any one who lived/lives in chicago knows what this means- its the sidewalk between two extremely close houses
i saw the bitch run through the gangway, only to jump the fence and meet my dog.
by Honky Cracker October 10, 2003
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Naval term used for the walkway to the ship from the warf.
Walking up the gangway to the ship
by Newey January 12, 2004
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This references the narrow passageway between two houses in a large urban area like Chicago.
Also used as a shout to clear a path in a crowded area, "Gangway, coming through".
When I came home, I walked through the gangway to enter through the backdoor of the house.

It was very crowded in the hallway so I shouted gangway, to get everyone to step aside so I could pass with my sick child.
by Don Prostka, "The Don" November 14, 2017
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