Originally a sticker on the back of cars used to denote a surfer, bodyboarder, or general beach bum whose life centered around the ocean or related beach going activities. Ever seen a 32 year old man whose primary activity was surfing and working on his tan? That person would have a salt life sticker.

Unfortunately the trend spread to senior citizens, wanna be hipsters, soccer moms, and other persons wishing to inform the world that yes, they too have visited the beach at some point in life and they have the sticker to prove it.
Dude: "Check out this wicked Salt Life sticker I just got for the back of my car!"

Me: "That's really lame dude. My Grandma has one of those on the back of her wheelchair and aren't you afraid of the ocean ever since you got raped by that dolphin?"

Dude: "I don't want to talk about it."
by Froturist March 1, 2009
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Chase: Hey bro, where should we meet up at?
Logan: What kind of question is that? You know where I stay at.
Chase: Oh yeah, the beach.
Logan: Salt Life!
by LarryTheBerry April 7, 2012
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Being passionate about the Ocean and utilizing it in your life. Whether it be via boating, surfing, diving, fishing or just being a beach bum. Salt Life is a company that sells apparel, jewelry, stickers and etc, so "Salt Lifers" can show their pride.
I've been bumming around the beach a lot lately. Really living the Salt Life.

Susie moved to Florida and is really into the environment now. She goes to the public beaches and cleans up trash. She wants to keep it clean so she can enjoy her new salt life.
by Lobodomyeyes May 31, 2010
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Being "Salt Life" is a mindset and preference for those who feel most comfortable surfing, swimming, fishing, diving, going to water-parks and being wet or in the sunshine. Its about relaxing on the beach and being kissed by the sun. If you label yourself a beach bum, then you live the salt life. If your whole house is decorated in coastal/nautical beach decor, you're a salt lifer. No matter where you live, what your job is or what degree you love....if you are salt life, you are salt life. Peace. Love. Salt Life.
Jack: Hey Cody, what's your lifestyle preference?
Cody: Salt life baby!
Jack: Awesome bro...salt life forever!
*Bro high five*
by Romantic Bizarre September 21, 2015
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"How come you got booted offa Facebook?"

"I was enjoying the salt life too much!"
by LeaderToLiberty October 21, 2020
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Many think this simply means "a lover of the beach". But it also has a police/military slang definition:

When you see a Salt Life or Pirate Flag with a skull and swords, don't assume they are Jimmy Buffett fans. They are secret symbols for law enforcement or military personnel.

The word Salt is a play on the word Assault as in assault teams and the pirate flag was worn by some Navy Seals in Africa.

Regardless, LEOs and Military members have adopted them both as a way to publicly say who they are to others in the know but without the general public noticing. Many times undercover cars will have either of these stickers on them.
"License and registration, sir?...Oh you're a brother? I didn't see your Salt Life tag at first. Sorry, have a great day."
by De-Ctypto September 23, 2023
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