- to keep your private regions clean

- to shave your pubes
Guy 1 : "yo man, I heard that chick Rossie knows how to keep it clean!"

Guy 2 : "nah maaan, someone told me she's got a landing strip."

by shortstuff303 February 14, 2009
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1. to maintain pubic hair free genitalia
2. to have multiple sex partnerships undetected and without taking on any responsibility
3. to have a life unencumbered by anxiety
1. Baby, if you keep it clean, I'll go down on you.
2. Dude, are you still sleeping with both your coworkers? Shit yeah, you know I keep it clean!
3. How come Alex is always so happy? Don't you know Alex keeps it clean.
by Chowder Brains June 22, 2009
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The term, "Keeping it Clean" refers to the act of having sexual relations ("doing the nasty" or "boinking") in a bathroom stall. It is typically done in a public restroom, a movie theater, mall, liquor store, but mostly at high schools.
"Dude, that hot girl was totally into me. We were Keeping it Clean in the bathroom stall while no one was in there."
by crediblesource May 26, 2012
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They tell us, 'Keep your nose clean and you'll no doubt make a parole.' So we keep our noses very clean.
by 3h$@n June 2, 2012
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Keeping your nose clean means are you staying out of trouble
Boy: "Did you see that your homeboy got locked up for drug possession?"

Girl: "Yeah, I know he is your friend, but I hope you are keeping your nose clean."
by ThatgurlJo216 December 13, 2015
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No more coke. Snorting the remnants of coke that is left in your nose. Picking the coke boogers out.
Hey, keep your nose clean. Thanks, no one needs to know about my habbit.
by roll tide 123456 September 27, 2009
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