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Goddess of beauty and love.

An attractive and charismatic woman.

Female baby name

Origin : Indian

Synonyms: pretty, good looking, attractive.
Oh ! Your daughter is saloni, just like you.
by Nameexpert1 August 30, 2013
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very cool, awesome person who has a lot of friends, is really loud and loves everyone. especially jeffrey. wolf-lovers, stay away!!
rebecca: i love wolves!
jeffrey: you crazy, saloni would hate you
by banana13148 May 21, 2009
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A rare creature generally found in parts of Southern Asia.

The creature seems to have a strange affinity for untying shoelaces.

Don’t let the good looks fool you because for 3 days a month it can turn into Satan’s equivalent.

Your only line of defence is tickling, can be extremely effective when done properly.
Dude the other day I saw a Saloni randomly sneak up and try to untie my shoelaces
by Youprobablyknowwhoitis September 06, 2018
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A girl who keeps bringing up feminism when she's losing an argument.
She pulled a Saloni again :(
via giphy
by hehepiggy February 14, 2017
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a small animated creature, that is extremely annoying. from the indian mythology, known to suck up to teachers. used as an insult in modern day india
don't be such a saloni
by whixkid November 11, 2011
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