insanely loserish, like a faggot. also someone who cheats on their wife but doenst fuck them. just makes out with them. also someone who is ancient and retarded
No one is as saggs as sucka motherfucker stopper
by theonlysun81 October 22, 2007
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anyone who doesn't have a penis
"smfs is saggs"
"no wai d00d he's gonna banhammar u!!!"
"im chuck norris"
by sevendust December 17, 2007
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An indian guy on amino who keeps entering your vc's asking you if you like Naruto.
He has a pretty good connection with me.
Sagg: Hey Ryo, do you like Naruto?
Me: I've only watched 2 episodes.
Sagg: Cool. Who's your favorite character
me: I don't have one
Guy 1: Leave this chick alone dude
Me: ah it's fine he's good
Sagg: Hey guy do you like Naruto
via giphy
by xXxOOFxXx May 24, 2018
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