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A ghetto gurl wit a cute face slim waist n a big behind!
Most likely out goin pretty tha lyf ov tha party n loves to b seen!..Really fresh!..Also indian!
Sequoya is tha badest bitch n this peace!
by Inocent Alexander January 09, 2008
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Wack as school on eastern Long Island part of Sachem School District. Most kids that go to this school are future drug attracts and criminals. They're also emo af cuz the Sachem's broke ass can't even pay for the school, being the reason it will be closing soon.
Guy 1: Yo nigga, my ma said I'm going to Sequoya next year.

Guy 2) Boi that school is full of white people. Plus I don't even know if that shit will be around next year.
by TowersTheKid September 10, 2016
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