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She's the most photogenic girl out of all of her friends... has an amazing smile!!! Notices the most random things...makes you laugh so hard you wonder if she was born to be a comedian someday! She's a beautiful and unique muslima that can not only can pull of a scarf with anything, but looks damn good and a sure fashionista even though she'll never admit it! She's the bestest girlfriend you'll ever have and one that you know will always be there for you no matter what it is you need or where you are in the world! Here dream world would definitely involve living at the Happiest Place on Earth forever, one that sure fits her great personality!
Did you see Safiyyah at last Eid, her outfit was super cute, she's always super cute!

Lol she always says she puts it together last min!

Haha there is no way that I could pull off an outfit like that!
by nani88 February 06, 2010
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