When someone takes a sip of beer at a party and sets the can down, leaving an almost filled beer on the table.
Dude I just found the biggest saff lying on the table. It is my civic duty as a party guest to chug it as fast as possible. I MUST KILL THE SAFF
by chiran October 1, 2009
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Saff, is an absolute goddess. Has one of the best figures, massive boobs, massive arse, flat stomach, long skinny legs, absolutely everything you could ever want appearance-wise. A very kind hearted person, but has been through a lot but she hides it with a smile. Funny, smart, bubbly , loud but in a very loveable way. Is also very aggressive when she needs to be, and especially cares about those around her. Typically puts herself before others but nobody realises and often tries to make everyone else happy except herself. Overall Saff is insanely fit, and a good person deep down.
Matt : woah, look at Saff tonight, I would definitely bang her anyday!
Alex : same mate
by Alex Martin. November 29, 2018
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Saff is the nickname for a person named Saffron. It’s pronounced: Sah-ff
“Yo hey Saffron!”
“Oh call me Saff!”
Oh okay, hey Saff!”
by saffrond February 3, 2020
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slang for getting tricked, robbed, cheated, etc.
I'm gonna saff him.

And then she saffs me!
Bro he just got saffed!!
by SAFFER05 April 27, 2021
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Person 1: Hey bro, my dishwasher is broke
Person 2: Don't worry bro, I'll just call Saff
by strafestopper September 9, 2020
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To steal or borrow an item
"Can I saff that pen from you José?"
by The JKR November 20, 2008
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