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1. A friend who goes on a first date with you, in case it goes bad.

2. Can be known as the 'safety' phone call when u get an 'unexpected phone call' on a bad date.

3. Also, someone used to cover up where they've been or where they are going.
1. "Hey, i'm going on this date wit guy I met the other day. Will you go with me to be my safety?"
"Please? What if the guy is a weirdo!!"
"Ok, fine."

2."Hey, I'm going on a date with Tom from next door. Give me s safety call around, 8:30"

3. "So what did you tell Andrew you were doing tonight?"
"Oh, I told him I was hanging out with you tonight, going shopping or whatever"
"Why do you always gotta use me for shit like that? You know, you're gonna get caught one day!!!"
"Nah, it's ok- you're my safety. He won't think a thing!"
by Korraahhh December 04, 2006
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When ridin dirty, the car in front of you speeding faster than you, so you won't get caught first.
1st Person: Yo! You're going like 50 over the speed limit!!!
2nd Person: Nah, it's ok. See that car up there, it's my cop bait.
1st person: Smart one!!
by Korraahhh December 04, 2006
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