Sadly, No! (aka "S,N!") is a left-wing blog widely known for clever photoshops and irreverent, 8th grade-level humor. While most of the big-name liberal bloggers focus on politics or news, S,N!, oddly enough, focus almost exclusively on right-wing blogs.

The S,N! blogging team consists (mostly) of D. Aristophanes, Brad R., Gavin M., Travis, HTML Mencken, and a few inconsequential stragglers, including a token female. HTML Mencken was originally known by his nom-de-blog "Retardo Montalban" but changed it in a vain effort to be "taken more seriously".

Most right-wing bloggers regard S,N! as little more than gnats and mosquitos, i.e. mildly annoying, but insignificant and easily swatted away.
Man: Can you think of a blog that's lamer than this one?
Woman: Sadly, No!
by rascal900 February 26, 2008
Sadly: a gay one and also salty
Sadly: hi
Icy: Saldy

he is salty and gayass smh
by Sadly_f June 27, 2021
Rhyming slang for Bradley Stoke - a large housing estate to the north of Bristol, UK, made infamous for crippling negative equity especially for first-time buyers on shared-ownership schemes during the property price crash of the late 80's early 90's, and where many became sadly broke.
by andyb92 September 8, 2007
- To be bereft of cash

- A housing estate to the north of Bristol famed for it's negative equity and proximity to the M4, M5 and "The Mall"
Craig and Vicky neeeded a larger place after little Britney had little Jamelia but were stuck with their 1 bed "Starter" home, a crippling mortgage, negative equity and debts from shopping at "The Mall"
by Mr Rose September 30, 2004
The way the early Beatles Paul and Ringo look on the cover of Seargent Peppers - shaking my head sadly - smhs
by Sewageinmybasement February 14, 2017
Sadly come out and say hi.

He kinda salty and clown tho lmfao
Sadly : hi

Kivi : hi Salty
Icy : hi Saldy
by Sadly_f June 27, 2021