Joe was saldy that he was born a funny lookin fat kid that likes to eat 24/7/

Eric was very saldy after Michael tore his ass up!
by Mini Horse December 28, 2010
to be to agressively hateful or over the top.
Ratchet Girl: Girl this little Bitch tryna steal my man, she bouta get herself cut!

Friend: Mmm Bitch you need to go sit your Saldy ass down somewhere will all that drama.
by ratchetgirlboo August 1, 2013
When some one is wrong or thought.
She saldy she got a 67% not a 90%!
by Streaksblack November 16, 2016
the act of getting a penis shoved up your ass
he was given a saldi
by loser123 January 19, 2007
a small metal object inside a vagina that has to be displaced by surgery or an anus
by adam chain August 21, 2008
The after effects of semen(salty in origin) on the face , mainly used to show that your infereior to someone.
after winning a game of basketball you might say "aw yall got saldy-faces "
by Skalecki July 18, 2008