6 definitions by Sadly_f

demon fall: the game that got every kid got addicted to it
that game on Roblox with tons of player
fatty: let's play demonfall, carry me in fs?
chaos: aight let's go

saldy: that game gay
by Sadly_f July 17, 2021
ur mom is men
a bully word
gohan (random dude) : spam ur mom
you : ur mom is men

gohan ( random dude) :rekt
by Sadly_f August 6, 2021
ur mom is men use when gohan spam ur mom}
opa's quote
gohan: ur mom
saldy: ur mom is men
by Sadly_f August 4, 2021
Use when you about to win an argument with random dude and when you about to win but he/she said : your mom
quickly use ''your mom is men'''. But if he/she said : your dad then quickly spam " your dad is women" and if he still trying to win about that argument, be like me. Tell him : "I have segg with your dad ass" and now you win the argument for 100% sure
random dude : your mom
your self : your mom is men
random dude : your dad

you : your dad is women
random dude : crying
by Sadly_f September 22, 2021
Sadly: a gay one and also salty
Sadly: hi
Icy: Saldy

he is salty and gayass smh
by Sadly_f June 27, 2021
Sadly come out and say hi.

He kinda salty and clown tho lmfao
Sadly : hi

Kivi : hi Salty
Icy : hi Saldy
by Sadly_f June 27, 2021